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Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Internet Vigilante-ism

Gary (
Sat, 26 Apr 1997 02:00:49 -500

I read Ned Barnett's post regarding threats from the Drug Reform
Coordination Network, and am not surprised.

In the spirit of volunteerism, I put up a web site
dedicated to "Reducing Teen Substance Abuse". The site consists of
over 100 pages of information, hotline numbers, links to support
groups, and other resources.

Not long ago, I put a form on the home page where I asked visitors if
the site should accept advertising from "home drug test kit" vendors.
Not long after that, I was hit by over 100 email messages--all
arguing that pot should be legalized and accusing the site of
diseminating false and misleading information regarding marijuana.

The email effort appeared to be coordinated, as the messages were all
similar in content, though not copied. All focused on the new
"medical use" in California and Arizona (I think).

There was no 800 number nor fax number on the site for them to
call, but it is noteworthy that so many individuals did take the
time to compose more or less individual emails.

I corresponded with a few and none would admit that they were part of
any organized "pressure" group. After a couple days, the email
stopped. I was left with the impression that some pro-legalization
group(s) are definitely looking for ways to advance their cause. They
certainly are passionate about their pot!

Well, that's my 2 cents worth...

Gary Nappe
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