NONE: ONLINE-ADS>> A world without media planners

ONLINE-ADS>> A world without media planners

Bruce Cohen (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 08:19:47 +0000

Novak and colleague in the May issue of Wired slate the continued
use of CPMs in the webveriiisng world. I agree, it's a useless measure in a
many-to-many fragmented medium.

Novak points to the model as a possible alternative. Let
any site carry any ad it wants -- on the
basis that it will get paid a comm on any transaction it generates.

If the Web is proving to be a powerful tool for disintermediation
(goodbye travel agents, insurance brokers and other expensive
middlemen who add little to the value chain) then why not get rid of
media planners too?

Picture this: Client X wants to market a product on the Web and puts
out a pitch to Web sites with a
comms structure payable on performance only (this could be impressions,
click thrus, transactions etc)

Web sites then evaluate the product/service and decide what, if
anything, they are prepared to put into their marketing effort in terms of
positioning, frequency of the ad etc. The web site is now playing the role of
collaborative marketer rather than a passive -- and unaccountable --
recipient of advertising.

With this model, no Web site is going to waste time carrying ads for
products and
services it knows its audience wouldn't be interested in. Those that
can see some potential will market the product actively. It's a
self-correcting mechanism -- advertising will find its target market
logically and efficiently -- without media planners.

Bruce Cohen
Nexodus Consulting


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