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ONLINE-ADS>> Interstitial Unraveled

e/y/e/s/c/r/e/a/m - mark grimes (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 15:07:35 -0700

Pat McCarthy said....
>I believe that these push ads, or "exploding ads" as Jeff Einstein of CMP
>spoke about at WebAd 97 will be much more succesful then banners, because
>they are pervasive and invading. From an advertising point of view I think
>they're much better then regular banners, but from a user point of view,
>they tend to make me angry. It'd be nice if there were some kind of in
>between, but I'd probably hate that too. :-)

Yes, Interstitial advertising can tend to make users angry. A company who
debuted an interstitial product at WebAd 97 (no need for names) tried
to get me involved in their product. I wouldn't try/buy it yet for 4 reasons.

The company themselves said....

1) There interstitial product delayed page view downloads by 2-3 seconds
2) Their product didn't work with ANY Internet Explorer browser
3) Their product didn't work with Netscape 3.0 (though was great in 3.1)
4) Their product crashed Macintosh browsers every time

>much more succesful then banners
the blending of content and advertising is most likely to go....
Beyond The Banner

>because they are pervasive and invading.
I don't know if ubiquitous attacking ads are going to go over
to well with the Internet crowd. There's this *product* with
similar traits called Spam....

If interstitials provide some form of confirmed value-add in the
world of advertising, there will be a place for them.

an aside...

going beyond the obvious dislike of the term *interstitial* Jim Sterne
mentioned during WebAd 97, I think the person who coined the phrase
*interstitial advertising* should be whacked about the head and neck
with a beef stick from Hickory Farms, and then left to wander the streets
bloodied and confused perhaps only then coming up with a rational
explanation for developing such ludicrous nomenclature.

Then again I always tend to be Mr. Happy Go Lucky.


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