NONE: Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Do ad buys depend on track records?

Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Do ad buys depend on track records?

Brian Pomeroy (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 13:12:44 -0500

At 01:45 PM 2/25/97 -0500, you wrote:

>Does a prelaunch site need to have a brand name and market share from
>another form of media before commanding attention from prospective
>advertisers? If Dilbert were building a new site, I'd bet they would have
>advertisers waiting in line.

With so many new sites going up these days, a new Web presence really needs
to have either some branding behind it or a usage track record before it can
attract serious advertisers. One factor that might sway advertisers in your
favor, though, is evidence of an aggressive marketing plan for the site. Do
you plan to buttress the site with broadcast and print ads, as well as ads
on other sites? Is the site unique enough to be newsworthy (thereby
justifying PR attention)? If so, that would show advertisers that you're
serious about the site and are committed to driving up traffic.

Brian Pomeroy
Web Editor, SLACK Inc. *

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