NONE: RE: ONLINE-ADS>> Refusal of Cookies?? A Proposal for Browser-Based

RE: ONLINE-ADS>> Refusal of Cookies?? A Proposal for Browser-Based

Kristine Loosley (
Mon, 13 Jan 1997 16:48:16 -0800

>Mark J. Welch, Esq.[] wrote:
>>But we all know that the media, and to a lesser extent individual
>>users, are resistant to the use of "cookies" or other techniques that
>>are perceived to invade the user's privacy. Hence, Netscape and
>>IE now allow the user to refuse cookies or approve them one at a time.
> ^^
Gee. This seems a little short sighted to me. Why would this group -- of
all groups on the Internet -- want to support disabling of cookie
technology? I understand the possibility of evil. I also have one of my
machines set up to let me know when cookies are placed (as a point of
curiousity, not to refuse 'em).

Cookie technology allows content providers a mechanism to do cool things --
like remember my zip code when I want to look up local movie listings, like
remembering my personal profile on Excite's Live page. Why would I want to
deny myself access to this kind of information?

Now, in the context of this thought, I have been wondering if anyone,
anywhere, has any concrete example of cookie technology being used for
nefarious purposes. I do not count gathering information on whether I've
visited a site as nefarious, but you tell me what you think is "evil" about
an actual application. Let's talk about real life examples. :)


If Netscape and IE have wised up and allow us to
>auto-refuse all cookies, that'd be a great improvement.
> -d

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