NONE: Re: ONLINE-ADS>> How much content is enough?

Re: ONLINE-ADS>> How much content is enough?

Gary (
Sat, 10 May 1997 09:01:46 -500

Anita Spigulis wrote:

>home page. Microsites enable you to target your message to a particular
>audience that may not be interested in your entire site. They allow you to
>create a promotion or contest without burying it somewhere in your site.
>It is much more "user friendly" to have a banner link to a page or two
>pertaining to a topic of interest rather than expecting someone to scroll
>through the options presented on your home page. How long should it be?
>This depends on the message/offer and its complexity. A microsite should
>support a unified theme. In the case of Arizona, you might create a
>microsite exploring family travel options. It should be easy and quick to
>navigate. Remember, people finding your site through a banner were
>originally on another site. They probably want to return there. If your
>microsite isn't well presented, you may lose them. Present the key points
>you need to make, then give them the option to link to your home page if
>they want further information.

Thanks to John for a great resourse.

The concept of the microsite has proven to work quite well for a client in
the computer
hardware business ( ). Nearly 2,000 visitors
have demonstrated their interest in receiving more information regarding
IBM ThinkPads and
related parts--that's just in the last 3 months! And 1,000 of them
completed a fairly detailed survey as well.

We call the micorsite the "Cyber Vending Machine", because of it's tight
focus on
a single direct response marketing purpose (ie. generating a qualified
lead, dispensing an
electronic newsletter, delivering product info and prices, etc.).

At the heart of the Cyber Vending Machine is the cgi script that
interacts with the visitor and completes the "transaction."

I'm sure others also have success stories like this...

Win a Free Cyber Vending Machine
Your stand alone web transaction device

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