Tom Hespos (
Tue, 13 May 1997 12:21:39 -0400

Kim Bayne wrote:

>I'm not too keen on the audio hyperlink to an ad banner approach, because
>I'm not convinced of its effectiveness in garnering an audience. Time will
>tell. Right now, there are many ways to use audio to advertise your products
>and services that are better in tune with the information culture of the

I respond:

Are you referring to RealAudio banners? Although I haven't yet used them,
I imagine that they would be quite effective. In the case of RealAudio,
one does not decrease the size of one's audience by utilizing that
technology. Rather, the banner can be made to be attractive to the eye and
contain the various components of a successful static banner. The
RealAudio can be an added component - an added bonus for those who have
downloaded the player. The RealAudio might just be the component that
pulls eyes toward a banner, not to mention the "high-tech feel" that would
certainly accompany such an execution.

As for its fit with the "net culture," I imagine that an audio component to
a banner would be no less intrusive than the interstitial ads ("splash
pages") that have worked well for some web advertisers.

Just my $.02

Thomas F. Hespos, Jr.
K2 Design

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