NONE: RE: ONLINE-ADS>> Yipes! That's forty cents per query.

RE: ONLINE-ADS>> Yipes! That's forty cents per query.

e/y/e/s/c/r/e/a/m - mark grimes (
Tue, 13 May 1997 20:16:20 -0700

Oliver Jones <> asked about

>the Top 200 Search Words at Liszt ( ), at
>That page mentions the word "video," which I might consider buying, as
>word number 74, with 250 hits per month. That comes out to 3000 hits a
>year. The web page mentions that the price of owning that word on Liszt for a
>year is US$1200.00
>Yipes! That's forty cents per query. By comparison, I think the rate card
>at Doubleclick says they'll deliver a particular company or university's
>members at twelve cents. Forty cents seems high; is this price within the

So (using Doubleclick) you could target IBM employees by domain at
twelve cents each. Actually for the sake of comparison and my drab math
skills let's say they can be targeted at ten cents each. So, for the same $1,200
you can reach 12,000 IBM employees.

So the question you want 12,000 IBM employees across the entire
Doubleclick Network, or do you want a targeted keyword of 3,000 people
on a site people visit to find discussion groups about very specific things.

The answer is....depends.

Depends on the goals of your campaign and CPO (cost per objective) (that
one's for you Andy

If your target market is oodles of techies, and the more reached the
better, go with Doubleclick. If your target market is people with a fleeting
interest in video, buy the keyword on a major search engine. If your target
market is people with a keen interest in video buy a video site, (or a site
like Liszt where people visiting are there to find a discussion list about
something very near and dear to them (I assume).

There are a number of sites I buy on that will sell clickthroughs at .15-.20
cents (all you want) You can buy a general rotation ad at
for $100 CPM. The more defined and desirable the market, the higher the
cost. Do you want *traffic* or do you want *target*?

3,000 banner deliveries (minimum) at 7% clickthrough (well designed ad,
well targeted, call to action) at 7% conversion. You've just made 15 sales.
Was the campaign a success? Depends entirely on your CPO.

scenario 1: 15 sales at $14.95 for "Pork, the Other White Meat" VHS documentary

scenario 2: 15 sales at $295 for new video software

Oh yeah...two more important things....the advertising rates may
be...somewhat...........negotiable ;-) and Liszt will guarantee a 5%
on keyword buys, given approval (and assortment) of creative.

eyescream interactive experience digital attitude _^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_

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