NONE: ONLINE-ADS>> Important: Correction on Last "Cookies" Post

ONLINE-ADS>> Important: Correction on Last "Cookies" Post

Tom Hespos (
Thu, 15 May 1997 10:07:34 -0400

List folks:

This is important - My information regarding the cookie blocker in Netscape
and IE was flawed. In the interest of disseminating the correct
information quickly, I urge the List Admin to post this ASAP.

My source on this issue is someone who I normally trust to keep me up to
date on these technology issues, as he saw the prototypes before most
people. The information he gave me was old and a call to him this morning
confirmed that. He responded that it was "entirely possible" that Netscape
could have changed its tune since the last time I had spoken with him about
the cookie issue (less than three weeks ago).

My apologies to anyone that I may have misled on this. Please direct all
flames to me personally. I'll read them all while I'm wiping the egg off
my face.

-Thomas Hespos

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