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Arie Grossman (
Thu, 29 May 1997 12:53:11 -0700

Jim Waltz writes:
>Has anyone seen or heard of a study on the effects of Search Engine
>Indexing/Robots/Offline browsers on banner click rates? Also, what about
>inadvertant clicks that are aborted before a site is fully loaded?

>My thoughts are that these factors tend to inflate overall click rates, but
>by how much? Does a 3% rate really mean 1.5%, or even less?

At Play4Prizes, we have resolved this issue for our clients by
implementing a proprietary tracking scheme that tracks and properly
accounts for aborted clicks and double clicks. We have found that
as many as 10% of our clients' clicks can be attributed to "false"
clicks which occur close on time to prior clicks. The net result is
that if someone double-clicks on our clients' ads or banners
they only pay once, not double!

A related issue concerns the rate of abandonment of these click-throughs.
That is, what percentage of click-throughs abandon your site after arriving
at your home page? I suspect these figures vary widely, but are under-reported
simply because the technology is only just beginning to provide the
capabilities to measure this real return. At Play4Prizes we deal with this
issue by creating targeted incentives for click-throughs to go beyond
our clients' home page.
Why pay for banners? Get targeted visits for less!


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