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ONLINE-ADS>> Counting impressions

Tim Hicks (
Wed, 5 Nov 1997 09:32:15 -0700

So tell me, list members, what about CPM and cache hits?

Many service providers don't "see" a simple page request if it's via cache.

But do I understand correctly that a cached page with CGI code in it (such
as for a banner that is one of a rotating set) will generate a new request
to the server?

Some measuring logs and programs are apparently able to count that as a
request against the page the CGI is embedded in. And some aren't.

We're planning a focused site where we expect lots of repeat visitors and a
fair bit of site wandering. I'm thinking that a visitor who keeps
wandering back to the home page isn't going to get a powerful new
impression from seeing the same ad each time -- but what if the ad is from
a rotating set? Then it's likely to be a previously-unseen ad and thus a
legit "impression."

How do YOU deal with that?

Tim Hicks, ABC -- TRH Communications, Victoria, BC, Canada
250-598-6269 (fax -6244) --

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