NONE: ONLINE-ADS>> MODERATOR's NOTE: Revision in the Signature Policy

ONLINE-ADS>> MODERATOR's NOTE: Revision in the Signature Policy
Fri, 7 Nov 1997 16:13:00 -0600 (CST)

Hey all,

Last week I laid down a new policy about signatures in which I said that
all posts submitted must have at least a name and corporate/institutional
affiliation. Well, I got several messages pointing out two important
observations I had not throughly considered. First, there are people on the
list that have no corporate/institutional affiliation. And second, there
are people on the list who make statements that are their own opinion and
not that of the corporation/institution they work for.

These are good points and so I would like to make a revision to the
signature policy. Here it is:

Signing Posts
All posts submitted to the list MUST be signed with at least the
submitter's FULL name and SHOULD include the corporate/institutional

Richard Hoy
The Tenagra Corporation

You do not have to include your corporate/institutional affiliation if:

a.) you don't have one, or
b.) you feel putting one suggests that the opinions expressed are endorsed
by your corporate/institutional affiliation, when in fact they are not.

Failure to provide at least your full name is grounds for rejection of the
post, no matter how swell it is.

Also, signatures can be no more than EIGHT LINES LONG. Extra lines will be
cut by the moderator. He may start cutting at the top or the bottom,
depending on his mood that day.


I can give you a really good reason to include at least your full name,
corporate/institutional affiliation, Web site address and your phone
number in a signature. Journalists monitor our discussions for story leads.
Check out:

Risky business: Selling Web porn ads stirs debate
Ad Age

The article came directly from our recent discussions about Yahoo. The
moral of the story is this: Say something insightful and make it easy to
contact you and you can be famous too.

That's all folks!


richard hoy
moderator, online advertising discussion list
director, marketing and client promotions
the tenagra corporation
p: 281.480.6300 | f: 281.480.7715 | e:


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