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Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Search engines are dying

Danny Sullivan (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 21:10:45 0000

> I'm now advising clients that we create good META tags, submit the
> site and then forget it.

I'd suggest doing a little more -- appropriate page titles, ensuring
that things that are barriers to search engines are corrected, but
basically, this is the correct attitude. Consider search engines,
then move one. Check back maybe every few months -- don't be

> How can such an unstable system survive? Moreover, how can you
> ever hope to be on top of it for long?

People need to understand that they may not stay on top for a
particular phrase, especially if its popular, for a long time. They
certainly shouldn't build all a site's traffic around it. But they
may still do very well for a variety of more obscure terms and
topics. If they have meta tags and page titles relevant to the topic
of their pages, this well help them capture this basically free
traffic. But again, moderation, rather obsession, should be the rule.

> So in closing, I submit that search engines are dying. In fact, I
> would say they are dead already and just don't know it yet - gone
> the way of the reciprocal link exchange and the "you have a cool
> page" award as an effective promotional tool.

They should have never been what people depending on for 100% of
their traffic. But to invest a little time to pick up 10% or more of
traffic? I'd hardly say they are dying. They certainly aren't in the
perspective of those who use them to find things. But those people
who used to cruise along on traffic from search engines -- and search
engines only -- certainly need to realize those happy days are over.
They have to be part of a comprehensive publicity program.


Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Watch


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