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RE: ONLINE-ADS>> Search engines are dying

Hespos, Tom (
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 22:26:14 -0500

Our esteemed moderator writes:

>I'm beginning to believe that search engines are a dead-end
technology >and
>fretting over where your site comes up is a big waste of time.
I'm now
>advising clients that we create good META tags, submit the
site and >then forget it.

I agree with you, in part. The whole spamming thing is completely
ruining the functionality of search engines. Results are becoming less
accurate due to unscrupulous attempts to get to the top of listings
(even if the particular search words have nothing to do with the content
of a site). Sites that should legitimately be listed under a keyword
are losing out to the spammers that set up phantom pages with redirects
and screw up the whole process.

However, I don't think that this will mean the eventual demise of search
engines. I think that this will ultimately force search engines to
evolve into products that serve their users better. If spammers are
ruining the ability of a search engine to serve its users by providing
relevant content, then the search engine with the best anti-spamming
technology will have a tremendous advantage in the marketplace.

Think about it - if things continue to progress in this fashion without
any evolution on the part of the search engines, one day you'll type in
the word "dog" and Mr. Search Engine will return 3,000 pages of sex
sites, whereupon you'll ditch that search engine lickety-split. So
perhaps the engine with the best anti-spamming technology will rise to
the top of the heap. (And with what sex keywords are selling for these
days, I'm sure there will be plenty of profit motive to produce a better
product. Trust me.)

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