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Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Search engines are dying

Kevin (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 11:18:00 -0600 wrote:

> I'm beginning to believe that search engines are a dead-end technology
> and
> fretting over where your site comes up is a big waste of time....So
> lets look at what we have here:


I think you may be hitting on a good point. I am starting to look for
information through good subject related sites, instead of using search
engines. The reason is obvious, search engines feed up too much
outdated, meaningless information.

Now, when looking for links for the site we administer
<> we must deal with search engines, to some extent.
Our goal is to spend the time searching so that we can in turn save our
visitors time by filtering the information and categorizing it for them.
I imagine we are doing a good job of this, as articles written about us
have mention this.

When I need information about other subjects, I find it tough to find
good resources. The problem with some of the best big sites is that they
are specific to a particular company, network or publication and
typically don't let you know what else is out there relative to what
they do. Some have there reasons, but I would be much more likely to go
to, if I knew they took it upon themselves to cull the internet
for me and rank and categorize other valuable pro football sites.
Instead, I know I must go elsewhere. Further, when I visit a site
focused on our local area (Austin, TX), it seems that each major site is
attached to a different network affiliate, this makes it tough when you
want to find one place to locate all stations or other media. The same
is true of many areas, it seems if you want to find non-biased gateways,
you have to find someone's personal links page.

My feeling is, getting back to the original point, that major subject
related sites are going to have to serve as the search engines for their
audience and through branding will become known as the place to go for
information about their area of expertise. Now, if there were search
engines that could point people to these major sites in all areas, there
might be some value.

I think the fact that search engines will bring up a link to a one page
report right next to a huge site (not to mention, repeated listings for
the same site), is a bit useless.

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