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Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Search engines are dying

Wayne Kessler (
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 12:03:14 -0600

I'm going to disagree with the premise of how Search Engines should be used
by organizations to promote their site.

We try to tell clients to use the Search Engines to *find* sites for links,
not just depend on them for the original link. Good methods for a search
engine such as Alta Vista are:

Searching for the name of the client for possible links
Searching for <A HREF> references to similar sites as the client for
possible links - including competition
Search for and/or/not combinations to find subject material of interest for
possible links and banner advertising

Search engines aren't dead. But spamming of them to increase visits sure
is. Any organization with a site should bear some responsibility of either
developing or hiring some expertise to increase their presence on the
Internet. Spamming the search engines doesn't qualify.

And if an organization isn't going to make a small effort to promote their
site other than search engines, then it doesn't have any basis to complain
if it doesn't get satisfactory results. It's akin to opening a store, and
assuming that being in the White Pages is all the advertising you need.

And for all those folks who paid $50 to have their sites listed on 300
search engines and indexes got what they paid for.

Wayne Kessler
Kessler Freedman, Inc.


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