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Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Search engines are dying

Paul J. Bruemmer (
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 10:25:10 -0800 (PST)

MHO - The message I read in the recent threads on search engines:
Can't live with em, can't live without em :)

Eighteen (18) months ago I began working on search engine position
improvement, legitimately -- no spamdexing, no phantom pixels,
no white on white.

Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly in providing
high-quality search engine traffic by means of good positioning.

First, in order to have an authentic search engine position improvement
program, we needed a method for tracking the position of our specific
client links. A client in good postion Wednesday November 12 at 8:12AM
pst, has no guarantee of being in good position Thursday November 13 at
8:12AM pst. That's a fact! Links move around a lot.

Second, we needed to corral a very specific target audience using carefully
selected keyword phrases. A client selling "computer hard drives" is not
well served with the keyword "computers."

Third, we needed a system to write, submit, track, and maintain position.
A system that helps the search engines do what they're designed to do.
No tricks, and certainly no clients who want the keyword "Michael Jordan"
for a "shopping mall."

It took eighteen (18) months to develop a search engine position improvement
system that meets ethical guidelines and technical criteria; we just
launched "ClientDirect" November 1,1997.

We do not "promise #1" or "guarantee first page." We sell high-quality
visitors on a "pay per click-through pricing model." We average a 50% to 70%
success rate in search engine position improvement. For this reason, we
write, track, and maintain multiple documents for each client.
It is labor intensive and requires constant monitoring.

We are like the men and women working on your streets and roadways, fixing
potholes everyday so you can drive safely on the highways.

We constantly write and submit ethical keyword phrase content links to the
top twelve (12) search engines. We maintain our clients' content links for
the duration of their contract, which is based on the number of visitors
they have purchased.

We staff 13 professionals in six offices throughout the United States and
take pride in providing legitimate search engine positioning improvement
techniques. I published sixteen (16) Professional Features on my site,
telling people "how we do it." There are no "tricks," and it is safe to say
that it works very well.

The search engines like us, we use only their approved techniques. The
client loves us, they only pay for results. And the end user appreciates
finding what they're looking for, example: "european ski resorts."

As far as "are search engines dying"? I think Richard did an excellent job
of waking us up!! ;-) We must be on constant alert for new and ethical
means of promoting/marketing our clients.

Search engine traffic is very important, it is "PULL" marketing. People
self-directing themselves, and that's what the Internet is all about. While
broadcast marketing has always been "the standard" (TV commercials, Radio
announcements, print ads), the Internet, in the beginning, offered freedom
from BROADCAST messages, allowing people to go where they want, when they
want. Of course the Net is changing, and we'll all change right along with it.

Corraling search engine traffic to client sites with the right keywords is
very important. BUT, it's only one of many promotional strategies to use.
It's not a "stand alone" marketing plan. Search engines are best used as
part of an "integrated marketing plan," as one of many available tools.

Lastly, thank you Richard -- this group of participants on your o-a list
have enhanced my perspective, enriched my profession and keep me on my toes!!

Thanks for moderating this very valuable disscusion list.

Best regards,

Paul J. Bruemmer

Paul J. Bruemmer 805-965-0543
ClientDirect Division

Web-Ignite Corporation:


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