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Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Search engines are dying

Ray Taylor (
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 09:54:36 +0000

Kevin Leathers <> wrote:
> Ray Taylor wrote:
> > Perhaps it's also time to say goodbye to the free lunch. I would
> > happily pay a subscription fee for the right to have sites listed
> > on a decent index, provided I got good service in return, a
> > guaranteed place in appropriate sections and sub-sections for my
> > clients, and a 24-hour turnaround. And so long as the site owner
> > spent some money on promoting the site via print and broadcast > > media.
> Ray made some good points in his post and I will not address them, but
> the above statement did not make much sense to me. If the only way
> sites get listed with a search service is to pay, I would not use it
> as search tool. The reason, there is no way they got every single web >
>site to pay (not even all the good ones), therefore it is not a
> comprehensive search tool, Period.

Kevin is, of course, quite right. I have always been a bit of a dreamer
- good service from a search engine?

> Now, so that I don't sound like a total pessimist, their is one very
> good site that is culling the internet, categorizing, and ranking
> sites in major categories and if they continue to update it will
> provide a valuable tool. It is Encyclopedia Britannica at
> <> They selected only 65,000 sites on all of the
> Internet that they considered noteworthy (no stars, but got listed)
> and ranked sites up to 3 stars (only 30 of 65,000). I found them when >
>we were advised that we received a 3 star ranking, and now use them as a
>valuable resource.

Great! That's what an index should be! If you could build on this idea
and create a more concise and comprehensive index, with higher volume, a
powerful search engine, and make it known to the world, then that is
what the industry needs.

Here's the blueprint.

1. Create the index by first spidering appropriate, pre-programmed
areas, (or just buy an index complete from one of the current owners)
then using a team of reviewers to check each entry.

2. Reviewers edit one-sentence description taken initially from the home
page and/or META tags, but given a quick check for honesty. Reviewers
allocate keywords from a strict, hierarchical list.

3. Searches work on either the reviewers' descriptions or on the
reviewer-allocated keywords.

4. Restrict multiple entries

5. Invite 3rd parties to submit client sites on agreeing to a code of
conduct for responsible submissions. You could even issue them with
pro-formas allowing them to request keywords, etc. All free of charge of
course. Search engines and promoters should work together and squeeze
out the spam merchants.

6. Ban porn (and some other subjects) outright. This is not a moral
position. You are either interested in it or you are not. But it's a
hell of a timewaste for anyone trying to do anything valuable on the
Web. And there are many subjects that are difficult to index as a
result, as I am sure will tell you.

All this would require a very high investment but none of it would be
worthwhile unless you spent an equally high amount promoting the service
via the regular media as well as the Web.

If anyone knows where they can lay their hands on a few million dollars
of investment funding for such an enterprise, please contact me off

Ray Taylor
Cloud Cuckoo Land and/or England
New Media Communications
+44 181 639 0015 (GMT)


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