NONE: Re: ONLINE-ADS>> what's in a name?

Re: ONLINE-ADS>> what's in a name?

Tommy Oddo (
Thu, 11 Sep 97 23:13:59 -0000

Bill Irvine wrote:
>This has worked fine at first... but I'm beginning to think many existing
>and potential clients may consider our interactive capabilities limited
>(they're not) because there's no "Wolf Group Interactive" name being
>tossed around. Especially since almost every other agency I've seen has a
>similarly named division/unit/group/thing/whatever.
>How have some of you handled this? Does it help instant client recognition
>that you have interactive capabilities?

After 7-1/2 years of doing business as Oddo Design, which includes
several years of an ongoing name change debate, I finally changed the
name of my small design firm to "Oddo Active Media" (rather than
splitting it into two separate divisions -- it's too small to do that
anyway). Still, some of my more "traditional" clients (those who think of
me as a designer/illustrator of printed brochures or annual reports) have
shown little concern or interest in the name change. For better or worse,
they've known me for too long to think of me any differently. Other
clients (especially newer ones who have embraced the web with open arms)
seem to identify with the name change, but appear indifferent.

Perhaps your clients don't really care how many divisions you have or
what your name is -- they already have an indelible impression of your
company. Prospects, on the other hand, may be a different matter.

In the case of interactive media, and in general (not necessarily in
Bill's case), I personally believe it is more appropriate to have a
completely different company, in a different building, with a different
mindset -- one that has, or at least appears to have, cut the umbilical
cords of traditional advertising, graphic design and computer
programming. In other words, perhaps the packaging, and in many ways, the
production of interactive media, deserves/requires a paradigm shift --
not just a different name or division -- while prospects continue to
struggle with decisions to hire either an advertising agency, a graphic
design firm, an engineering firm *or* an ISP to assist with their
marketing efforts. IMO, it's neither (individually), and all
(collectively), at the same time.

Ironically, two months after I changed the name of my company to Oddo
Active Media, one of my clients (whose web site I created and have
maintained for 2 years), hired me to create their printed collateral also
(to match the design of the web site I created). So, they originally
hired me as a web site designer (with the older, "Oddo Design" name), but
have since hired me (with the "Oddo Active Media" name) to design their
printed collateral -- rather than the other way around.

Go figure. :-\


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