NONE: Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Avertising from South America?

Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Avertising from South America?

Giuseppe Farese (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 14:32:46 -0400


First of all, I want to thank every one on the list who replied to my
mail last week. I'm so glad to see that publishers from South America are
dealing with the same problem: how to sell ad space if advertisers don't
know/understand the cost per impression/click method, used.

With a small Internet population and not too many sites that can reach
the 1.000.000 impressions a month in our country, selling ad space on the
Web is not easy. Why?

My conclusion is that on our countries (South America), only those sites
who receive more than 200.000 or more impressions a month, do have a
specialized web team in house, that understand how to produce content for
the web and how to get revenues from their investment. In USA, you get
too many knoledged people even an small traffic sites.

We discovered two potential causes for non-web advertising:

1) many Web sites of big companies, more than 2000 employees, don't even
get 50.000 hits every month, since they don't offer rich content that
could be browsed by the regular user. Many of these companies hired
another company for the web design and hosting, and they don't even get
interested in the development, nor the success of the site. They are more
likely interested in getting their in order to
add the URL to brochures and POP material.

2) many marketing managers, in our countries, don't understand or don't
get used to new technology, and they don't understand another form of
advertising different than inches x columns in newspapers, or minutes on
air in radio or TV. This had been the main issue every time we want to
sell advertising space in our site.

As you can see, selling adversiting based on impression is difficult when
your advertiser doesn't understand how he is investing his money. Don't
even talk about "Cost per Click-Thru on targeted pages": they will think
we're selling shampoo from Mars :-)

Thanks every one who posted to my email,

Giuseppe Farese

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