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Re: ONLINE-ADS> How to SELL web advertising

Nick Usborne (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 13:15:54 -0700

Leo Sheiner said:

>The point I was making relates to the importance of making
>the message on a banner simple, clear, to the point,
>unambiguous even blunt.

Absolutely. In the still relevent words of David Ogilvy, If it doesn't
sell, it isn't creative. Every online creative person should have that
tattooed across their typing fingers.

Frank Lee said:

>Why rely on statistics? What's wrong with the standard
>direct marketing technique of testing media to see where
>your responses come from? I do this as standard practice. I
>buy a limited time and measure the clickthrough from each
>ad, and, since what they are clicking through to is always a
>response mechanism I can measure clickthrough against action
>for each ad. The ones that work, stay; those that don't go.

I like it..

We're getting a thread of postings here that seem to be saying, Never mind
all the techno-reporting systems - I'll judge the ad by whether it actually
works or not. Show me the money!

Are the majority of readers of this board standing silently back and
indulging this strange line of discussion? I'd be very interested to hear
whether the idea of judging ads by whether they actually work or not holds
any support in the industry - or whether the major players are tied into
CPMs, click-throughs etc.

Am I oversimplifying the issue? Certainly. But it's much easier to see
the wood once you stop looking at all the trees.

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