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Re: ONLINE-ADS> How to SELL web advertising

Bob Brown (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 08:57:18 -0700

Nick Usborne said:

>I like it..
>We're getting a thread of postings here that seem to be
>saying, Never mind all the techno-reporting systems - I'll
>judge the ad by whether it actually works or not. Show me
>the money!
>Are the majority of readers of this board standing silently
>back and indulging this strange line of discussion? I'd be
>very interested to hear whether the idea of judging ads by
>whether they actually work or not holds any support in the
>industry - or whether the major players are tied into

This is really the old question of Direct Marketing Advertising versus
Institutional Ads. All the "great" awards go to to wonderful glossy
pictures with no selling but lots of cool stuff and all of the money
goes to those who measure by "Show me the money".

When you say "the majority of the readers" I think that it depends on
whether the majority are advertisers trying to generate revenue or
companies using advertisers to generate revenue. I suspect this isn't
going to change much--- Advertisers put in effort for creating their
various campaigns and don't want to have their own profits dependent
upon the the whether the public really likes the idea/product/etc or

As an advertiser, I may put effort into something that doesn't generate
revenue and it may not be related to the Ad, maybe there is no public
acceptance for a particular product. As a company paying an advertiser,
I think that if they're any good, I should have results. Direct Mail has
proven, however, that you can determine the effectiveness of advertising
and cut your losses quickly if you need to.

Bob Brown

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