NONE: Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Seeking Info Re: LinkShare

Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Seeking Info Re: LinkShare

John Hart (
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 16:11:52 -0700

"Mark J. Welch" <> wrote:

>I continue to receive inquiries regarding LinkShare,
>and quite honestly I have never received ANY feedback
>from any site or vendor that has signed up with
>LinkShare. My questions are simple: do they deliver
>what they promise, and do their vendors pay when due?
>What kind of performance do LinkShare's sites and
>vendors deliver?

Mark, I recently signed on with LinkShare and I have the following

1. Their Web site is extremely slow. I accessed with 56k, 128 Mbs mem,
Win95, NS. Once loaded, the site is confusing to use.
2. It took 5 days to get four advertisers I selected approved. I'd almost
forgotten I'd signed on.
3. I contacted two advertisers directly and was told to 'deal with
4. I sent a query to their support dept. and got back an auto-reply. Lots of
help. :-(
5. It hasn't been 30 days yet, so I can't comment on the pay performance,

Thus far, I'm not overjoyed with LinkShare. The process of selecting
advertisers and banners should be an easy one. And let me close with this
comment: the irritating feature of all affiliate programs is lack of repeat
buyer management. The only program I've ever found that allows a Web site to
"own" the buyer is Spree.

John Hart
Editor / Publisher
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