NONE: ONLINE-ADS>> Jupiter Conference Coverge by ClickZ - 8/14/98

ONLINE-ADS>> Jupiter Conference Coverge by ClickZ - 8/14/98
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 16:47:14 -0500 (CDT)

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Jupiter Online Advertising Conference
Day Three Coverage: Further Beyond the Hype

Ann Handley
Editor in Chief
The ClickZ Network


The data-driven, fully accountable, totally measurable ad-serving
vehicle that is the web is indeed a great thing. And no one denied
it in the conference room and exhibit hall at the Jupiter forum. So
what is it, really, that stands in the way of it truly being
embraced by consumers and companies alike?

In the view of Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide CEO Kevin Roberts, it is
the inability for web advertisers to speak to the hearts, guts and
minds of users like all great advertising does. It is its inability
to fully engage our dreams, memories, passion and laughter.

Thus far, anyway.

In an inspiring, no-holds-barred morning keynote yesterday, Roberts
was fully engaging as the voice of the "dinosaur" agency. "I'm the
voice of traditional mainstream advertising .the has-been who's
been left behind by all you cutting-edge hot shots," he joked.

With the medium still in its infancy, Roberts isn't at all down on
the web as an advertising vehicle. He's simply not rushing to jump
on any band (width) wagon. He'd rather see MORE intelligent and
well-executed efforts from the gut and significantly LESS
perfunctory banners produced by technocrats.

"I'm relaxed," Roberts said. "At this stage, I don't feel like we
have to respond to every swirl and eddy .I'm looking for ideas that
accelerate past Shockwave.."

Roberts envisions a future in which ads aren't served up on clumsy
PCs, but on smart appliances that can serve up a prescription for
baby stains, and on intelligent cars that can navigate the way to
the nearest gas station. "That's where the challenges are for me,"
said Roberts. "The what-ifs are the challenge. We must ask the
difficult questions of each other. We must never be satisfied with
routine answers."

Rich Media, Redux

Rich media made a big splash Tuesday, as the likes of Macromedia
and RealNetworks rolled out the newest and coolest in ad
technology. But how do the publishers feel about featuring rich
media ads on their sites? Do they accept rich media ads for their

When ClickZ's Andy Bourland posed that question to a panel of
publishers, they jumped on it like dogs to a meat truck. And the
answer came, surprisingly, as a resounding NO.

Sure, rich media is fun and cool. But users simply have no
tolerance for it. Representatives of Alta Vista, Disney Online, and
Microsoft told tales of nasty emails from angry users sparked by
slow load times.

"For the public dialing in, if it takes longer than 20 seconds to
load, they are out of there," said Bob Bejan, director of online
sales for Microsoft.

Pond Jumping

Across the pond, European companies have stronger brands and more
local content experience than do US companies. But the Americans
win hands down in personalization expertise and online scalability.
This little fact came Wednesday, in a talk by Jupiter's Phil Dwyer.

Other interesting European facts:

* In online sales in four distinct categories -- travel, books,
music and software - Germany is the leader. Germany will generate
the most revenues, with France and the UK lagging behind.

* In the could've-knocked-me-over-with a feather category: Jupiter
announced that Europe was lagging behind the U.S. in internet use
and online commerce.

Best New Phrase

The "Attention Economy," as defined by Saatchi & Saatchi's Kevin
Roberts, who believes that the "attention economy" is now fueling
our world. "Information is now a commodity, and what seizes
attention is ideas," he said.

Best Deja vu You Wish You Never Had relayed by Gina Garrubbo, EVP,

"I walk by a sales office and happen to overhear a member of the
sales staff explaining what a page view is. I'm motioning to get
off the phone and not waste your time, and he scribbles a note that
he's talking to the VP of advertising for a big insurance company.
And I'm thinking, 'This is a public service company! This is a

Quotes Of The Day

"We need people who can understand cross-disciplines and connect
the dots in all kinds of situations." - Scott Schiller, VP, Disney

"The volatility of net stocks alarms me as a CEO stay tuned for a
reality check." - Kevin Roberts, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide

"Page views are important. Click-throughs are important. But are we
bringing them customers?" - Gina Garrubbo,

"This is still a relationship business." - Jed Savage, VP, CBS
Sportsline, on the tendency of agencies to rely only on pie charts,
bar graphs and slide shows when choosing sites

"Currently, online advertising seems to be very, very internalized,
kind of like TV advertising being dominated by TV sets, Lay-Z-Boys,
TV Guide and take-out pizza." - Kevin Roberts

Tchotchke Of The Day

Today's newly minted Most Innovative Use of Tchotchkes Award goes
to, which thoughtfully provided attendees Tuesday with
branded breath mints after a luncheon that included a Caesar salad
heavy on the garlic. Such a thoughtful gesture!


God knows I try but I'll be the first to admit I'm not perfect. A
quote attributed to Solbright President Key Compton in the day one
coverage was actually uttered by AdKnowledge President and CEO
Scott Kauffman. Said the good-natured and affable Kauffman (and
dare I say highly quotable, too?), "I like Key a lot, and he would
never say anything this trite."

This was my quote, and what I said was: "But 'give the web a
break,' as I'm fond of saying. 'It's just a baby' and babies cry a
lot, so we need to put the pain into context."

Kauffman also clarified a later quote, which read: "The
media-centric food chain is not fully developed."

What he actually said was:

"The arrogance you heard this morning about rich media and
third-party ad-serving comes from a media-centric perspective in
which the advertising food chain has not yet fully evolved. But it
will, as it has in every other medium, and as viable alternatives
to the top ten sites continue to emerge, the balance of power will
shift to the marketer."

Those guys who speak from prepared notes such sticklers for detail!


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