NONE: Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Why media buyer distrust publishers

Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Why media buyer distrust publishers

Jonathan Roy (
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 10:48:52 -0500 (CDT)

I can only speak for the web sites I'm involved with, but it's been
pretty long since we've have a 'major' screw up. The most serious one in
the past few months was an ad going up a few days late because it had been
put into the wrong 'zone' in the ad management software. Any time that
happens, we inform the client and extend the buy by the days missed.
Normally problems occur in the communication between the reps and clients,
if at all, rarely on the technical side.

One thing to keep in mind is that some of the ad software out there just
doesn't work the way it should. One of the leading packages for instance,
will rearrange traffic within the ad's run times to make sure it gets all
of it's impressions, but won't do so evenly. I believe the traffic for an
ad should be spready evenly from start to end, and match the overall
traffic of the site. If Monday has twice the traffic of Teusday, Monday
should give twice the ads to the clients. I don't want to criticise any
companies by name, but I'll give you an example of what has been seen.

Say you have 3 ads. A -> runs in Week 1. B-> runs in Week 1 - Week 3. C
-> runs in Week 3. Say you have 100K impressions per week, and each ad
needs 100K impressions. B would have all of it's impressions in Week 2,
because the software knows A and C won't get all their traffic if B is
shown. What one of the sites I work for has seen in the past, is a month
long campaign being packed into a single weekend, when sales are high.
Obviously this really sucks, so they have to do tricks like schedule the
campaign individually each week to try and outsmart it.

Similar problems might happen if a site doesn't use a decent system of
in-house or filler ads for unsold traffic. Sometimes we give it away to the
advertisers, but never do we cut short a campaign once they hit the minimum
# of impressions. Some software might do that, to prevent 'overdelivery' in
the global case without handling it daily. (I'm not saying you stop showing
an ad on a day if they have gotten the impressiosn for that day, that's
also poor.)

So keep in mind if a campaign ends in the middle, it might not be the
site purposefully ending it. For all we know, they may just be using poor


Jonathan Roy - - Idle Communications, Inc.

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