NONE: Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Why media buyer distrust publishers

Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Why media buyer distrust publishers
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 05:23:15 -0500 (CDT)

In a message dated 98-08-20 14:02:47 EDT, you write:

<< I understand perfectly why there is such distrust between media
buyers and publishers. Publishers far too often make us look like

Anyone care to comment?

richard >>

I don't think it's the norm, as Jonathan Roy says, and it cuts both ways, as
Gloria Estafan says.

I've witnessed several occasions when a media buyer would seem to lead a
site's sales rep down the garden path, asking the publisher to design a unique
sponsorship package only to come back later and say the client bought another
deal (with suspiciously similar elements).

It's as if media buyers sometimes look to publishers to make them look smart
and innovative, picking their brains and aggregating their ideas into the
media buyer's own plan, and damn the time and expense to the publishers that
don't get the account.

But the key word here is "sometimes." It's not the norm. Dealing with the
occasional idiot is just part of the cost of doing business--and this goes for
any business.

Patrick Murphy
Bishop Publishing Options

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