NONE: Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Controlling Content with Third-Party Ad Server

Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Controlling Content with Third-Party Ad Server

Brooks Dobbs (
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 09:19:41 -0500 (CDT)

Heidi Kay wrote:
>Using these two techniques (one manual and one automatic), we
>strive provide our partner websites customized control over who
>may advertise on their site while at the same time delivering our
>advertisers the highest possible ROI.

A nice hedge, but this problem has reprecussions large enough that
saying, there is a "system in place" that will stop a portion of the
problems cannot be an acceptable solution.

I centrally manage the advertising integration, delivery and reporting
for over 150 sites. To date, we have not turned down 3rd party ad
serves. Why? Simply because we like agency money and we haven't been
burned badly enough yet (we did live through NCN's inablilty to serve an
ad correctly).

BUT The issue remains, you are letting someone else directly publish
into content with your company's name on the bottom copyright.
Eventually a "Hotest Teens on the Net" ad is going to wind up on one of
our home pages because a remote adserver or flighter has screwed up, or,
less dramaticly, an advertiser will change a creative in mid-flight to
something that violates an exlusivity agreement that previously was not
in conflict.

This issue is particularly sensitive when you take into account how many
large publishers no longer directly control there own adserving but
instead use 3rd parties like DART or IMGIS. Now if our content folks
see a cleary offensive ad, I am paged, I leave the movie I am attending,
get to a computer, identify the errant ad and remove it from DART, and I
wait an hour before it actually goes down. This is a long time for a
lot of people to be calling for somebodies head.

I totally understand the demand for 3rd party adserving. If I were on
the other side of the fence, that is how I would want my campaign
handled. BUT, BUT, BUT, IMHO you cannot continue to allow folks with no
stake in your reputation to OWN your reputation and introduce all the
potential legalities. Again, IMHO, it is not a question of "if" but
"when" this policy must change in some way.

Brooks Dobbs,
Advertising Systems Manager - Cox Interactive Media
office) 404.572.1807 fax) 404.572.1801
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