NONE: Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Mass Medium? Targeting?

Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Mass Medium? Targeting?

John Flint (
Mon, 22 Jun 1998 09:12:46 -0500

Keith Pieper wrote:

> I just read this week's Interactive Week Cover Story on Banner Advertising -
> In particular, I must take take issue with a comment made by Jupiter analyst
> Evan Neufeld...
> "It's a mass medium without the mass, and it's a targeting medium that can't
> target."

In terms of the article that Keith commented about I have to agree with him
about the writer and the people in the article that plugged in some comments.
The tone of the article was that banner advertising does not work like it used
to. They were saying click throughs are not like they used to be. One person
said a banner ad has to really be a major attention getter and relay a really
amazing message to get him to look at it or click on it to take him away from
the content of the particular site he is on at the time. Does an article in a
newspaper or magazine need to be all of that to get you to look at it? No it

About click throughs, that very well may be the case that not as many
people are
clicking through. The answer to why less people are clicking through is not
because the Web is not a mass medium or not well targeted. It may be that we
need to look more closely at the message the banner is communicating in
to what the user will see when they do click over. The Web is a mass medium.
These people are seriously missing the boat if they think otherwise. As far as
targeting goes it depends on the site. Like with any other type of advertising
if you want to target then get with a site that has the audience you are
for. You can get very targeted if you want to. The banner can appear right
there in front of them and they can't help but see it unless they are blind. I
think the people that wrote the article and commented in the article need to
look around and think about what they are saying. They are very incorrect in
their assumptions.

John Flint
Online Marketing Consultant

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