NONE: ONLINE-ADS>> Isn't Cache Busting Based On Misconception?

ONLINE-ADS>> Isn't Cache Busting Based On Misconception?

Dirk Lotze (
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 09:22:08 -0100

Hello everybody. I have been reading this discussion for some time
but I am still new to many concepts that you discussed lately. So I
request your patience for my asking some questions.

There seems to be an understanding that web-server log-files are
inaccurate in that usually more people view a given page than there
are requests logged for it. This is supposed to be addressed by
cache-busting (btw: a seriously annoying technique)

Has anyone considered that there are many situations, where pages are
requested and never viewed at all?

Isn't it a misunderstanding to call a request of a certain file a
page "view"? The point being that the log entry simply says, when
some file was requested by some other machine. This machine
determined algorithmically that it needed this information to
accomplish its task. Only one of many possible tasks would be to
show the rendered file to some reader.

So why try to squeeze information out of log files that simply isn't
in them? Customer request can't be a good reason. What are customers
going to say when, one day, after having been fed utterly useless
statistics for years, they realize that a
trans-cached-psychologically-weighted-page-view means that their page
was read by maybe 500 people and maybe nobody at all?

I don't even believe that customers need this kind of figures. I
think they simply ask for it because it is offered them and they
too have to justify what they are spending their money on. Far more
advertising money is spent in areas where information on targetting
is less voluminous.

Should we not all put less energy into meaningless figures and more
energy into innovative means of addressing people? Those banner ads
can't really be the 21st century's answer to computerized marketing.

Dirk Lotze

Dirk Lotze Musikmanagement

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