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Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Tracking Software for HTML Banners

Jonathan Roy (
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 16:36:24 -0500 (CDT)

AT 05:22 PM 10/16/98 -0500, RANDY RACIOPPI WROTE:

>I am looking for a banner tracking software solution that has the
>capability of tracking HTML banners. Most of the HTML banners will have
>a "form" in it, thus referencing a "cgi" script for the redirection.
>The script that will be called, will be on the client's server, not
>mine. So basically, I am looking for software that will track the ad
>views and clicks accurately. I have looked into Central Ad Pro & Ad
>Juggler, and they are not capable of tracking html banners. Your help
>would be very much appreciated.

For 'views', you normally count the # of insertions to the
web page. You can also count form posts (GET method) as
clicks if you wrap the cgi post to your own cgi, then
redirect to the true client side form url. We also track
images in html banners as clicks if you click on one.

However, with more and more html banners being
javascript/etc, you can't do this. So with all the Flycast
ads we have, we can no longer count clicks at all and I
think it'd be impractical to try. :/ We had a trick to count
forms POSTs too, but it wasn't pretty so we scrapped it. And
of all our html banners now, very few if any use normal
forms any more, it's all Javascript.

Of course, this does you no good if you aren't working on
your own software. As for your real queston, I don't know of
any offhand. (Our software isn't really on sale.) If you
find some, please post to the list and let us know. :)

As a last resort you could change the form urls in the html
ads by hand (if they are GET method) to a cgi on your
machine, count them that way, then redirect the user to the
correct destination.


Jonathan Roy - - Idle Communications, Inc.

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