NONE: Re: ONLINE-ADS>> A Rant from an On Line Rep

Re: ONLINE-ADS>> A Rant from an On Line Rep

Valerie Harrison (
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 16:46:45 -0500 (CDT)

In response to the media buyer who can't get a response from
web site sales reps, I think I can guess the reason.

I am the Sales & Marketing Manager for a B-B industry site.
We have good access numbers and a database component that
subscribers pay up to $3000/yr to access. Our site users
tend to represent companies who, in turn, represent billions
of dollars. We do not respond to offers of $1 or $5 CPM or
CPA or CTR. Those in our industry know the reputation and
value of being on our Site and we know who they are as well.
Although we have recently signed w/ a large Network agency,
we know that we would do better selling the Site ourselves
if we had the manpower. Also, we want the third party
software and audit numbers.

Personally, I have been in the advertising business for 18
years and (granted, it's Fri PM and I'm getting testy) I
cannot believe what some media buyers think is fair. What
they are doing is putting a lot of Sites out of business by
not paying what is fair for their demographic. The only
survivors will be Sites with successful e-commerce
product/service or those Sites who really make their money
in other aspects of their business, such as print publisher

No one is happier than me regarding the accountability
provided by 3rd party software and auditing by ABC or
Neilson or whoever wants to do it. The next two years will
"separate the wheat from the chaff" and those Site who
really do not have an audited, loyal following from those
Sites who provide the information, entertainment, products
or whatever makes them popular. Then we'll see what happens
to the CPM/CTR/CPA. Publishing a web site might actually
become a profitable business! There is not another media
that exists (that I know of) with CPM in the $1 - $5 range.
I see comments from so called professionals that say
publishers should accept these rates if they have unsold
inventory. Great! These guys have really been around! ANY
inventory is unsold...until it's sold! In other words why
would any media buyer pay $50 CPM if they know that the
publisher would sell for $1 if it was unsold!!! Do you know
of any magazine, radio station or TV stations that will
agree to this. Of course there are 'special rates' for off
time blocks etc. But...never next to free.

So you $1 CPM buyers. I challenge you go out and buy a
billboard for that CPM, and while you're at it. Tell them to
put a counter button on the billboard. You'll only pay them
or how many people hit the button! Oh yeah, you'll send them
a cheque three months down the road so you have had time to
collect from your clients.

PS: Our Site actually does revenue just under $1,000,000!
Sorry about being wordy, but sometimes ya just gotta let off

Valerie Harrison

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