NONE: ONLINE-ADS>> Need advise on requesting a campaign auditing

ONLINE-ADS>> Need advise on requesting a campaign auditing

Sharon Gillis (
Sat, 24 Oct 1998 23:10:48 -0500 (CDT)

Long-time subscriber. First-time poster.

A little background on me... I'm six months into a
nine-month keyword banner advertising campaign on nine
different search engines. I have between ten and thirty
keywords, depending on the search engine, and I rotate
between three and twelve different banner ads, linking to
three different sites. Several of the ads are keyword

Almost all of the search engine production teams groan when
I issue a change in traffic instructions (three times in six
months). Sure, it's probably more up-keep than they are
used to, but isn't that the beauty of Web advertising, and
the purpose of all of this tracking software; the ability to
change out the creative when it's not working? The attitude
I'm receiving < and has been vocalized by one search engine
> is that my campaign isn't worth the time it takes to
administer. The total campaign is at about $250,000.

I have other campaigns running for different clients on
eight of the nine search engines. Each of these campaigns
include three different banners, linking to one site each,
at a combined total of $750,000 over the next six months.
So, my attitude is, "do good on the hard one and I'll keep
giving you the easy money as new clients come on board." I
don't think my traffic instructions are the problem because
one guy at DoubleClick told me that my pick-up page was the
best he'd ever received.

Today, one search engine told me that they'd prefer to
cancel my contract than to try to figure out why I received
95,000 impressions in May and only 10,000 in September on
the same set of keywords. ." It just so happens that they
changed their ad serving software in mid-May. "This account
has become just to much of a bother for us."

Does that statement disturb anyone else? Are web sales
people only prepared to be order takers? I don't have any
experience with asking for an audit for a campaign, but,
when asked, this search engine said they would be happy to
provide a third-party audit for double the current CPM. Is
this an accepted procedure? Do online advertisers really
have to pay to find out that the impressions charged were
actually delivered? I can monitor the click throughs with
my NetTracker software, but I have no way to track the
impressions, other than the software provided by each search
engine. Your advise and/or comments will be appreciated.

Sharon Gillis
JGSullivan Interactive, Inc.

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