NONE: Re: ONLINE-ADS Differentiation/revenue via community/brand

Re: ONLINE-ADS Differentiation/revenue via community/brand

Rob Frankel (
Sat, 24 Oct 1998 23:11:32 -0500 (CDT)


>You are not going to convince a lot of people that
>measurement is not necessary.

Didn't say that. I said that you can't always measure
qualitative data with quantitative means. Of course you can
measure, by slales and conversion rates, effects of price
changes, etc.


>The day we stop using Ratings and Circulation Numbers for
>fixing CPMs in other media is the day measurement is not
>necessary. It's not anytime soon.

Of course you should measure. But you don't take your
temperature with a yardstick. Right tools for the right


>Branding and the value of branding itself has been losing
>some of its credibility in the face of globalization, price
>competition and improvement in quality in branded products
>across the board. Products like cameras, TVs, computer
>hardware all have very similar quality and price levels that
>brands as such are losing credibility over the years. Even
>the Kodak brand has lost the brand equity it had with
>continued price assault by Fuji. In fact many manufacturers
>have resorted to manufacturing generic versions of their
>branded products also and will be happy to sell you either

Au contraire. The branding philsophy is stronger than ever
precisely BECAUSE all the dopes at Kodak abandoned their
true branding strategy. They became fat and happy resting on
the brand equity their forefathers built, and lived off the
fat of the land until they realized they were too late to
stop Fuji's attack. Ever been to Kodak? They still haven't
woken up.

If Kodak had stuck with the plan, they would have had a
stronger brand today -- and larger market share -- than ever.


>You will have a tougher time convincing brand managers to
>spend money on Web efforts if there are no measurements,
>especially when they see so much computing and one-to-one
>interactions unlike other media.

Nah, I have a really easy time convincing brand managers
that the web is exactly the way to go, mainly because users
can switch away too quickly unless something is motivating
them to stay. They stay with a well-coneived, responsive

At least, my clients' do.

Rob Frankel

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