Re: Good banner, Bad banner??

From: Jonathan Bunney <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 17:39:24 -0600 (CST)

> While doing some reseach today, I was at
> and saw a banner for "the 500 sites
> Yahoo is afraid to list" OK I'll bite on this tag line.
> Except where does this banner go? To the home page of The
> Mining Co. No explanation, no lead line to relate to the
> banner. If there was it was not directly evident on the
> home page. I was miffed. Here this discussion group is
> having much debate over pro & con of banner ads, good design
> & bad design, why they are effective\ineffective and the The
> Mining co. runs a banner like that. I guess I expected
> better from them. Maybe we could get some comment on the
> banner creative and "branding" they are attempting to
> accomplish with that ad. Thanks, great discussion group.

Following Robbie Christoffersen's mail regarding the banner
ads for The Mining Co, I had also previously clicked on the
"the 500 sites Yahoo is afraid to list" banner, and was
disappointed with the results. Maybe I'm missing the
obvious, but having gone back to the site a second time, I
still have no idea what the banner meant.

However, it is undeniably a very attractive tagline. I can
only assume that someone with authority came up with the
concept in a brainstorm and it was up and running before
anyone asked what it actually meant. Coming from a
traditional marketing (ie old media) background I have seen
this a thousand times - an idea so good that no-one stops to

But perhaps this is the future? Next year all banner ads
will read "free sex, money and chocolate. click here" and
you'll suddenly find yourself at a site selling car
insurance. Let's hope not.

Jonathan Bunney

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