Re: Web Advertising Networks

From: Scott Brew <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 21:17:24 -0500 (CDT)

>I'd like to open a discussion about Web advertising
>networks, their effectiveness and their future...
>Your insights and opinions are much appreciated.

I can give real-world publisher experience with one of those

We handle a high volume cartoon site (about 10-12 million ad
impressions/month). We've been working with Teknosurf for 3
months now and they've proven to back up their hype. Their
optimization appears to truly work as our historical CTR
with them is 2.3% (August is 3.43% right now).

From a publisher's perspective, they appear to be as close
to the ideal as you can get. We're seeing effective CPM
rates at $8-9 across our entire inventory. Compare that to a
DoubleClick where they would have to generate 100% sellout
at a minimum CPM of $15. The people at 24/7, Doubleclick,
etc tell me they can't get close to that (at least not for
this site).

I can imagine that anyone interested in buying advertising
from Teknosurf would have to be pleased as well. With CTRs
like that, if you're not closing the deal as an advertiser
(ie seeing real ROI), it's time to rethink what you're
presenting to the folks that are clicking. Happily, as a
publisher, that's not my problem. :)

I'm sold on Teknosurf's model and I'd be happy to share more
details of our experience with anyone who's interested.


Scott Brew
Technology Development Manager
US Xchange, LLC

PS We also worked with Valueclick for a while and found them
to be decent as well. They just can't match Teknosurf's
optimization technology. CTRs on Valueclick were still
consistently over 1%...

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