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From: Tim Seims <>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 16:16:55 -0500 (CDT)


I've been reading online-ads for a couple of years now, and
though there is a lot of good information, trying to do it
myself shows that there are some pretty basic facts I'm not
so sure of. I had an interesting talk yesterday with the
head of an agency that creates banner ads. But when I
asked him how to get them placed, the advice was to do the
research to find out which web sites my audience is going
to and then to negotiate with that site directly for ad
space. This sounds like thinking leftover from the
magazine and broadcast world. There might only be half a
dozen magazines that my segment would read or TV programs
they would watch, but they might visit thousands of web
sites. I also don't see where one would get detailed
information on what internet sites certain segments,
foreign business people in my case, actually visit. Is
that that kind of information available?

I need to test market my site. What I think I need is an ad
agency/network that would offer a small number of
impressions, lets say 20k, but over a reasonably diverse,
range of relevant sites, or that could target by browser
location. I'm looking for such an agency/network now.
I've found some that are fairly close, so they might exist,
but I'm still looking. Know of any?


Tim Seims
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