RE: Clickthru Rates

From: Adri van Zyl <>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 16:41:44 -0500 (CDT)

>1. Am I allowed to negotiate on the standard rate cards?

Yes, always, no prices are fixed, and if you need to do a
test on the sites to see if it is going to work, you do not
want to spend too much on it.

>2. If so, will I get better rates than the standard rates
Most of the time you do. Maybe not much better, but definitely.

>3. What are the factors that will allow the ad networks to
    give me a discount - Quantity, Duration, etc?
From my experience, the quantity and duration combined. If
you buy 100,000 over a month, it seems little, but that is
enough to test the site and see how well it does for you.
The more you buy, the less they will charge on account of

>4. Does the concept of 15% Agency commission exist here?

It all depends on who you deal with. If you take a direct
approach, the site that you contact does not ask for the
Agency commission. Once you go thru a network they do a fee,
what that fee is I would not know, ours is 10%.

I hope this helps you somewhat. btw. 40c a click is the
norm, but still very expensive. In my experience everything
is negotiable!


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