What a web newbie taught me about banners

From: George Williams <>
Date: Thu 26 Aug 1999 13:21:52 -0500

From: Ramon Ray <>
ONLINE ADS>> What a web newbie taught me about banners

I showed my 12 year old sister the World Wide Web...this is
the first time she's really paid attention to a web page.
The first thing out of her mouth, was - what are all those
things - pointing to the little banners, buttons and colors.
I explained, well Joanna, the WWW is primarily advertiser
support, just like TV. She immediately said, but they are so
distracting, so many "things"...etc.

Fellow colleauges this is why banner advertising is not very
affective - so many "things". I"ve checked my own CTR with
Link Exchange, LinkShare, SmartAge and others - less than 1%

On the flip side, I've written articles for InternetDay and
have received over 100 emails just from two articles...and
over 1,000 hits to my site in minutes!!!

Advertiser spending is going to go up on the web, but what
about the effectiveness? As has been mentioned before, I
think direct email and sponsorships are the way to go.
Simple banner ads, have their role, but the more effective
methods are email and consistent, content centered, highly
targetted sponsorships.

For those of us who are smaller web sites, we need to sell
our web sites to advertisers by using our niche market, and
loyalty clout!!

Received on Thu Aug 26 1999 - 13:21:52 CDT


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