Tracking Customer Responses

From: George Williams <>
Date: Thu 26 Aug 1999 18:58:26 -0500

From: Matthew da Silva <>

Hi. It's me again. This time with a question that may
elicit a meaningful response from the list. There's a lot
of discussion about logging hits and metering results of
online adspend. But what about matching that data with data
about offline ads. To companies, money is money wherever
it is channelled. I think that an intranet-based software
solution would allow data to be added by different
organizations in a single company. Rigid security measures
would be required -- to protect leads and allow users to be
comfortable with posting 'private' information.

Tracking offline 'hits' would allow marketing managers to
assess the 'real' results of their investments in realtime.
BTW, no want to buy a great, big 'customer relationship
management' software suite that requires additional hardware
investment, a 'custom' user interface. Let's get back to

An online solution would beget many unseen benefits and
inherently add value to the purchasing of advertising. It
would also become a database of history of adspend and ease
cost/ performance comparisons for different media/vehicles.

If I spend money in a trade magazine and also in a vertical
community I want to know more about each customer response
than I do now. It's what I expect from the internet, and
it should be an easy task for an enterprising software


Matthew da Silva
Online Solutions, International Business
Yamatake Corporation, Tokyo

Received on Thu Aug 26 1999 - 18:58:26 CDT


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