Inbox vs. Online Newsletters

From: Scott A. Shuford <>
Date: Fri 27 Aug 1999 08:03:19 -0700

Hi Folks,

I hope all is well with you!

I noticed a possibly intelligent idea for increasing page views while
reading a newsletter today and wondered if you have any opinions or
experience with this idea. What do you see as the pros and cons?

What if we were to take our newsletter and build it on the site rather than
sending out a text email? We could then send an email teaser to draw
people to the site to read the newsletter.

Do you think or have you seen any data suggesting that one approach is
better than the other? Would it get more people to the site or would we
lose out based on not having the actual newsletter information right there
in their Inbox?

Traditionally our newsletters have been long in content (like 10 items,
each with headline, link and brief notes) and text only sent directly to
our subscribers. Here's a sample of a newsletter that does the other idea
by sending a note to subscribers about the new issue and one link to reach
the newsletter itself. Their presentation isn't that great, but they are
doing it.

>We are happy to provide
>you with our E-newsletter, created to keep you informed of special offers
>and features, recent business developments, technical support tips, new
>product and service information and more....
>Click Here for the E-Newsletter
>Sneak Peak of What's in This Issue:
>Feature Articles
>-New Solution for Database Difficulties
>-Interland Provides Affordable Access to Top Web Talent
>What's New?
>-Interland Launches New & Improved Web Site
>-New Business Plan Supports Microsoft Office 2000 Extensions
>-Publicize Your Site in the World's Top Search Engines
>BizDev Connections
>-Cisco Powered Network
>-Hewlett Packard
>-Microsoft Office 2000 & FrontPage 2000
>-Network Solutions
>Customer Support News
> Makes its Debut!
>-Interland Adopts New Methodology for Servicing Customer Support Calls
>Tech Tip-of-the-Month
>Download This!
>Enter the Interland Site-of-the-Month Contest!
>Newsletter Feedback
>-Register to Win Great Prizes!
>To Unsubscribe:
>Interland's E-newsletter is published by Interland as a free service to our
>If you do not wish to receive Interland News, go to
>enter your email address in the form field located at the bottom left column
>of the page, select "unsubscribe", and then click "submit".

Thanks for your thoughts and experience!

Scott A. Shuford
Big Man Creative
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fax: 949-470-4531

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