Re: Inbox vs. Online Newsletters

From: James Hensinger <>
Date: Sun 29 Aug 1999 07:48:05 -0700

>I noticed a possibly intelligent idea for increasing page views while
>reading a newsletter today and wondered if you have any opinions or
>experience with this idea. What do you see as the pros and cons?

In response to your idea of using your site for your
newsletter rather than through e-mail I would say that I
would not read it very frequently because of the time
element involved. I receive quite a few newsletters each
day and if I had to start going to the web to read them
rather than from message to message as I now do then I
wouldn't have the time or patience to wait for each to load.
It would increase your click thru rate but decrease your
readership. Although I have not entered into any
discussions on this newsletter I have found it to be one of
the most useful and informative that I receive. I have
learned a great deal about online advertising and found many
new contacts via this newsletter and would hate to see it go
to the net.


James Hensinger
Ascot International

Received on Sun Aug 29 1999 - 09:48:05 CDT


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