Inbox vs. Online Newsletters

From: <>
Date: Sun 29 Aug 1999 14:12:51 -0400

>What if we were to take our newsletter and build it on the site rather
>than sending out a text email? We could then send an email teaser to draw
>people to the site to read the newsletter.

I subscribe to a number of newsletters, like many Internet
users. As a result, my in-box is regularly full. I
therefore periodically unsubscribe from publications which
have lesser value to me, in order to keep the volume under

I can assure you that I will quickly unsubscribe from any
publication which "teases" me, rather than providing
concise, timely, complete, and useful information.

If you have a monopoly on the information you are
delivering, you might get away with it. But if there is
another publication with comparable information, your
subscribers will end up there.

Advertisers are discovering that ads in quality newsletters
produce higher clickthroughs than banners. Why not
concentrate your ad sales efforts on newsletter ads?

Just my $.02.

Bob Fertik, President
Internet Fundraising, Publicity, and Advertising
For Progressive Candidates and Causes

Received on Sun Aug 29 1999 - 13:12:51 CDT


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