Re: Inbox vs. Online Newsletters

From: <>
Date: Mon 30 Aug 1999 10:21:09 -0400

>What if we were to take our newsletter and build it on the
>site rather than sending out a text email? We could then
>send an email teaser to draw people to the site to read the

>Do you think or have you seen any data suggesting that one
>approach is better than the other? Would it get more people
>to the site or would we lose out based on not having the
>actual newsletter information right there in their Inbox?

>Traditionally our newsletters have been long in content
>(like 10 items, each with headline, link and brief notes)
>and text only sent directly to our subscribers. Here's a
>sample of a newsletter that does the other idea by sending a
>note to subscribers about the new issue and one link to
>reach the newsletter itself. Their presentation isn't that
>great, but they are doing it.

Scott, I've often thought about the same thing, but
concluded that it wouldn't work for me as a "subscriber".
One of the great things about having the "e-mail" text
newsletter is that you can read it on a plane or other
offline times (server down) when you don't have access to a
modem. Until you have "wireless modems" that can connect
you right away, as a user, I'm happy the way it is. As a
publisher, I can understand why you'd want the increased
page views, but as a user, it's too much trouble to go from
e-mail to web and back and forth.


Brian Shepherd
Lycos Network

Received on Mon Aug 30 1999 - 09:21:09 CDT


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