Re: Pay For Results Networks

From: Ben Cathers <>
Date: Mon 30 Aug 1999 14:37:43 -0400

>Has anyone hear had any experiences with pay for results ad
>companies like According to
>their web site you can run an advertising campaign based on
>impression, per click, per lead, or per sale. I am very
>interested in a pay per sale campaign but I am not really
>sure how it works. I am waiting on a call back from them
>more information.


I've talked with websponsors before, and they seem like a
very professional company who know what they are doing.

I've seen many host sites make some good money with them.
Fraud is probaly minimal, because most fraudsters dont have
time to fill out each of these forms.

Flycast and Burstmedia both offer Pay per sale campaigns, as
part of their remant campaigns (although many webmasters
decide to put in Valueclick or Teknosurf html code into the
default part of the campaign)

Pay per sale is very effective. You are guaranteed to make a
sale, but you also have to pay a lot.

If you are using pay per sale, to fill out a form, I don't
see the value in that, unless the form is very important.

But pay per sale is very nice if you are selling a
professional service. But, if your service is expensive, you
have to wonder how many of the websites will signup, and if
they do, how many can actually turn an offer?

One alternative is also to run your own affiliate program,
either using: - the ones who provide solutions
for (linkshare) - the ones
who provide solutions for Dell.

It all depends on the sales and what you are offering.

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