Domain Name Speculation

From: <>
Date: Mon 30 Aug 99 18:50:08 +0000

In response to the post by Muhammad and Stefano concerning
the GOV stealing and-or re-distributing property already
paid for...i.e. "Domain Names".

There are so many analogies I could relate to that would
show how absolutely corrupted "some" of our gov officials

They don't "feel or think" that the public would be better
served by the Big companies owning this private property
more than the little guy. They get Huge Donations and
Contributions from these mega-companies that KNOW how
valuable the domains will be in 5 years ! The Big
corporations are influencing our officiacls with $$$.

It's simple, many of the companies were asleep and a few
call em' what you will, "Speculators" had insight enough to
know that "Wallstreet.COM" was still for sale for $70.00 and
the potential value could be in excess of $1,000,000.00.
Are you saying that the previous owner should have said..."I
shouldn't buy that domain, I should leave it for an online
gambling company to buy and make Millions with, after all,
they have much better intentions and will serve humanity in
a positive way.?"

Another example:

If I purchased 100 acres of land south of Dallas
"Speculating" that the land would some day be worth Millions
due to the rapid expansion of the Metroplex. Now let's try
comparing Apples to Apples and assume that I HAD NO
INTENTIONS of EVER building on that land or developing it in
any way at all. I only purchased the land as an investment
for the future.

Now assume that H. Ross Perot wants to build his Airport on
your land. Would he have more success in, A.) Negotiating
an offer with you. B.) Convince the GOV to take the land
back and re-distribute based on the assumption that
his intentions would better serve the public.

It's possible that the gov wants to do re-distribute the
domains and auction them off like the FCC auctions off
frequencies. There are Millions of $$ at stake here, and we
may be in trouble.

Personally, I am a "small time" speculator. I own about 20
somain names including: and Many more.... I
own several fully developed websites that I myself have
built. I also have plans to develop the domains listed
above, and if they are taken from me, it would deprive my
business of 5 Million potential dollars. See my point ?

Thanks for reading,

Received on Mon Aug 30 1999 - 13:50:08 CDT


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