Re: One Testimonial is worth 690,000 Impressions

From: Brian Welch <>
Date: Mon 30 Aug 1999 16:08:51 -0400

>> Fellow colleauges this is why banner advertising is not very
>> affective - so many "things". I"ve checked my own CTR with
>> Link Exchange, LinkShare, SmartAge and others - less than 1%
>> CTR!!!
>> On the flip side, I've written articles for InternetDay and
>> have received over 100 emails just from two articles...and
>> over 1,000 hits to my site in minutes!!!...
>> For those of us who are smaller web sites, we need to sell
>> our web sites to advertisers by using our niche market, and
>> loyalty clout!!

> Our experience mirrors yours, Ramon. One of our clients had
> 20,000 visits in one day from a post to an online bulletin
> board which referenced the client's Web site. The client
> decided that the site had a well enough targeted audience to
> place banner advertising.
> Our most productive banner on that site is getting CTR of
> 2.9%. We will need 690,000 impressions to equal the
> effectiveness of the one post.
> I think that text references for advertisers and sponsors
> are much more effective than banner ads, but I suppose the
> issue of service and ad accounting makes that less
> attractive to sites, which accept advertising.

A banner campaign's effectiveness can not be judged solely
on how many click throughs you get. When someone pays
thousands of dollars for a billboard ad in real work
advertising, they are not paying for immediate sales, they
are building there brand awareness. Branding is a very
important and often overlooked marketing tool on the

It is a proven fact that it often takes people up to 7 times
of viewing your ad and product before they finally decide to
buy. The more they see it, they more they become
comfortable with what you are offering. By branding your
image you can improve your overall turnover tremendously.

In response to the CTR you received on Link Exchange
programs, banner exchanges are a lot less effective than a
truly targeted campaign. There are too many crappy sites
out there that abuse banner exchanges and cause them to be
very ineffective. You can not judge the effectiveness of
banners by a banner exchange.

Well, that's just my 2 cents worth. I have had a LOT of
success with banner ads but it did take awhile before it
started to pay off. There is a lot more to look at then the
immediate hits and sales you may get.



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