Re: Pay For Results Networks

From: Jim Reardon <>
Date: Tue 31 Aug 1999 00:47:35 -0500

>Has anyone hear had any experiences with pay for results ad
>companies like

Most of my site's profit ( comes
from cost-per-lead deals through networks like WebSponsors.
It's rather simple; you place an ad (text, button, banner,
whatever), each time someone clicks through and does an
"action", which typically is free (such as a download), you
get a bounty... from $.05 to $21, currently. There are a
LOT of these networks around, the two major ones are and Some ad networks,
like ClickTrade, ClickXChange, or Safe-Audit also do
cost-per-lead deals, but not as many.

I mentioned before, most of these networks deal with *free*
things, such as service signups or downloads. If you want
to pay a commission for sales, you'd probably want to go
with one of the more "standard" networks, like ClickTrade
or ClickXChange, or do your own locally (as many, many sites
have -- take a look at for
an enormous list of over 1,500). Allan, the webmaster,
also has great advice on setting up a program yourself.

One negative about doing a cost-per-sale is there are
already, more likely than not, a LOT of places offering the
same thing, and standing out is a tough thing to do. For
example, if you were looking to sell hosting, you'd have to
compete against incredibly popular programs like (with just shy of 40k resellers). People
would be more likely to sign on for a cost-per-lead system
because it's a lot easier to get someone to do something
for free -- then work on upselling them.

Jim Reardon

Received on Tue Aug 31 1999 - 00:47:35 CDT


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