ISP database question

From: Sarah Hey <>
Date: Tue 31 Aug 1999 11:56:32 -0400

I am attempting to find a list of 3000 top ISP's in the US,
based on revenue, and then secondarily sorted by location.
The web-based lists I have found do not include revenue
numbers. I had hoped to use Boardwatch magazine's list;
however, they don't allow any use of their list unless one
signs up for a year long contract of six ads and pays an
extra fee on top of that.

Does anyone here have a suggestion on where to find such a
list, or alternatively another magazine to work through?

I appreciate any help you can offer. By the way, the
response of this list was very helpful and I've already
pitched my boss on two events I'd like to attend.


Received on Tue Aug 31 1999 - 10:56:32 CDT


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