Re: What a web newbie taught me about banners

From: Ben Cathers <>
Date: Tue 31 Aug 1999 20:47:10 -0400

>>I showed my 12 year old sister the World Wide Web...this is
>>the first time she's really paid attention to a web page.
>>The first thing out of her mouth, was - what are all those
>>things - pointing to the little banners, buttons and colors.
>>I explained, well Joanna, the WWW is primarily advertiser
>>support, just like TV. She immediately said, but they are so
>>distracting, so many "things"...etc.

This shows to two things

CPM is soon going to be worthless CPC is going to be the way
to go.

With more and more new bies signing on each day, they will
be overwhelemed by all of this, and soon the eyeballs, that
a CPM pays for, will be worthless - people will soon need to
pay for results.

Of course.. here's also a simple suggestion: Put "Please
visit our sponsor" under the line.. they'll know it's a
sponsor ad :)

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