Re: direct marketing/cost-per-sale

From: Glenn Sobel <>
Date: Wed 1 Sep 1999 13:15:50 EDT

Brian Welch and Bob Fertik seem to be asking the same
question. They both want to know about ad campaigns done on
a cost-per-sale basis. For either situation I think it
might be helpful to look at their question from a different

Instead of looking for banner networks that promote
themselves using this model, why not look at what your goal
is. What you are really trying to accomplish is to find
appropriate venues to act as a commissioned sales force.
There are two ways to go about this.

The first is to find them one at a time by looking for
sites, newsletters, etc. that are connected to your target
market. Then approach them individually and negotiate a
deal with them to sell your product.

The second is to go broader and use an affiliate program,
also known as associate programs, partner plans, referral
plans, etc. to build a sales force of commissioned site
owners. Each site would promote your product to their
visitors and newsletter subscribers.

I would consider both of the above to be superior to working
with the banner companies since we all know that banners
are one of the least effective ways of selling product.

Since the objective is to sell product at a pre-negotiated
commission, you both have options that are superior to the
banner services. I would be happy to talk to either of you
if you have questions. You can also read some of the
articles I have on my site about affiliate programs.

By the way, the two companies you mentioned, LinkShare and
Teknosurf, for various reasons are not high on my list so I
would definitely suggest broadening your thinking.

Good luck to all.

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